5 Interesting facts about commercial lawn mowers

Meet the Mighty Commercial Mower

The mighty commercial lawn mower is more powerful than the average residential lawn mower and this is a factual statement. The residential mower was not made to perform like the commercial mower. The commercial cutter is made for the long haul in terms of offering a long-term use. It was John Albert Burr who made the brilliant move to patent a mower that offered:

  • better rotary blades
  • traction wheels

Steam-powered mowers started to appear in 1890. It was Ransomes who had produced the very first commercial lawn mower. This was in the year 1902. The first mighty mower had been powered by:

  • an internal combustion gas engine

The commercial lawn mower has continued to experience ongoing growth and updates through the years because the commercial lawns have needed updated mowing options through the years.

1. The Commercial Lawn Mower: A Commercial Success

The reel lawn mower appeared in the United States of America in the year 1868. A patent was granted to Amariah Hills. Along came Elwood McGuire, from Indiana, and he expanded on the reel mower by designing a successful commercial lawn mower. It ought to be noted that this roller-drive lawn mower has not experienced too many changes through the years. 1870 was the year human-pushed commercial mowers got involved and were ready to tackle the commercial jobs

Cub Cadet commercial lawn mowers

2. The Design and Lifespan

The commercial lawn mower is designed to be a robust and heavy duty piece of machinery. Every commercial lawn mower does need to be maintained properly. Efficiency in the mowing business is a key ingredient for success. The common design of a commercial mower, like Cub Cadet commercial lawn mowers, will have a design that includes the actual lifespan. It is common to get at least 2000 hours of actual working time performance from a commercial mower. The hours, of use, may slightly vary. The fact is, the design of commercial lawn mowers strives to include a long lifespan within this sturdy machine

3. Proper Maintenance

The commercial lawn mower requires proper maintenance and care if it is going to reach top performance for years so come. Every commercial lawn mower will include added efficiency if the air filter is replaced and cleaned on a regular basis. When the underside deck of a mower has daily ongoing checks, this increases productivity and will add life to a commercial machine. Regular tire pressure checks will add safety to use. If the blades are sharpened three times a year, this will provide a sharper and cleaner cut. Every commercial mower requires regular maintenance to increase the life and performance of the machine

4. Healthy Lawns

The commercial mower is known for creating healthy lawns and boasting professional cuts. A better-looking lawn can be counted on from the maintained commercial mower

5. The Final Fact: A Good Investment

The commercial lawn mower has proven to be a very good investment for those who strive to have excellence in lawn care. The individual who chooses to invest in a commercial lawn mower can expect superior results and fewer hours of maintenance over the lifespan of this machine

These are five interesting facts to be informed about in terms of the commercial lawn mower.

Added Thoughts: The Commercial Lawn Mower

Many owners of the commercial mower will boldly claim that this type of machine has proven to be a very good investment. Many use this piece of equipment for fall and spring cleanups. Others find mowing lawns to be a therapeutic outlet with the commercial machine. Economics and savings are part of the purchasing package, this is according to many satisfied buyers.

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