5 Products You Need for Your New Home

Are you in the process of buying a new home or have you recently purchased one? Sometimes you can get overwhelmed when you’re trying to figure out what you should buy as a new home owner. From the inside to the outside of the home, there are so many different innovative products on the market that are attractive to new buyers. Once you are done with the home buying process with your realtor, such as a real estate agent in Bellevue, you’ll probably want to get started with making your house feel more like a home.

Depending on your lifestyle and taste, you probably have some must-haves in mind. We are going to go over some of the latest and greatest products we think make home ownership even better.

1.    Make a place for shade.

retractable awnings

Unless you are buying a home in a place that is cloudy all year round, you will probably want a shaded area outside so you can sit and enjoy the beautiful weather without the sun beaming down on you the whole time. As a new homeowner, one of the best products you can invest in is retractable awnings. These allow you to completely transform your backyard or patio into a miniature paradise for you and your family.

Most retractable awnings today can be controlled with a remote or app on your smartphone so you can have sun or shade anytime you want it. Some people are weary about retractable awnings, as they haven’t always been built and installed professionally. Fortunately, today’s awnings are made with the consumer’s long-term vision in mind and not only look professional, but are built to last.

2.    Store all your precious memories.

IBI photo manager

When you’re going through things to get ready to move you will probably come across a ton of photos and sentimental items that you intend on keeping and moving to the next home. There are so many unexpected things that happen in life, such as house fires and natural disasters, and you want to be sure you have those photos kept somewhere they can remain untouched and in perfect condition. A foolproof way to make this happen is with a smart photo manager such as the IBI photo manager.

You can ensure your photos are stored properly and indefinitely with these devices, whether you’re scanning photos or backing them up directly from a device such as a smartphone, USB drive, laptop, Google photos, hard drive, or the cloud. Most of these photo managers come with enough storage for hundreds of thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video. Whether they’re photos from your favorite vacation or your child’s first birthday, you can be sure they are in a safe place with a photo manager.

3.    Help your home become more secure.

home security system

Security systems are becoming more of a must-have these days. A couple decades ago it was only common to have a security system in a gated community or high income per capita area. Today almost every homeowner has either thought about investing in a security system or has taken the plunge and done it. Fortunately, many security systems today are affordable and easy to install as more products become wireless and user friendly.

If you are in the market for a home security system, try to look at your local home improvement store first to see what types of resources they have available to you. You might be tempted to sign a contract with one of the companies sending people door to door to sell you their products, but it’s worth doing some research on the company and the products they offer before signing anything permanent.

4.    Out with the old appliances and in with the new.

Appliances today are also made with energy efficiency in mind

Not many things in life feel better than upgrading your home with the latest and greatest appliances available. Not only do new appliances make housekeeping easier, but they will look beautiful in your new home and give you a feeling of renewal. Plus, most appliances made today are built to last for many years to come, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for at least a decade or so.

Getting rid of old appliances and replacing them with new ones is a great way to give yourself a house warming gift that keeps on giving. Appliances today are also made with energy efficiency in mind, so you’ll most likely see a decrease in your utility bills after you make the switch.

5.    Get a grill for your upcoming barbecue.

hosting a barbecue

If you are looking to make friends with your new neighbors, there’s no better way to do this than by hosting a barbecue with a brand new grill. Not only will it feel good to meet everyone in the neighborhood by hosting a get together, but you’ll have the opportunity to break out your new outdoor appliance and cook with your new closest friends and relatives. You’ll get compliments from your neighbors on your new appliance, and it’s also a great ice breaker to host more parties in the future.

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