All You Need to Know Before Investing in Properties, and How Real Estate Advice from Customer Experiences Can Help

Going through the reviews and comments about One Touch Property Investment, it is clear to see that investing in the real estate business is one sure way that a businessman or an investor can put his money to good use to earn more money.

However, regardless of the fact that real estate investment is a profitable investment, getting into the investment sectors is not something you should rush into, without getting the necessary information and knowledge required. This article is targeted at helping you with a few things that you should know before you become a real estate investor.

Know the Real Estate Market

Knowing the real estate market goes beyond what you read in books, blog posts, and websites. Knowing this market requires that you look into the business beyond theory. Get practical by studying the stats, the highest-selling properties, the lowest-selling properties, the high-brow and low-brow locations, mortgage rates, market trends, etc. This would help in setting you up for success in the industry.

home flipping

It is a Challenging and Risky Business

You need to know that the real estate business is not for the faint-hearted. Forget what you have been told, this business is quite challenging, and risky. Of course, you can say all businesses are risky and challenging, and you’d probably be right, but the real estate business takes it a step further. You can easily lose your whole investment in the blink of an eye if you are not ready for the grind. This is why you need to acquire all the foundational knowledge about this business before getting into it.

Home Flipping

As you start your real estate business, home flipping is one of the lucrative aspects of your business, so you would do well to focus on this part of the business too if you care about hitting it big.

Don’t Go in Big

It’s convenient to want to go all in. After all, this is the real estate business and you must have been told that it is all great and merry here. We don’t want to discourage you, but if you are not careful, going in big might get your fingers burnt. You shouldn’t put all your money into the business as a beginner. Instead, start small with a little amount of money and invest in a small property at first, and you can take it up from there.

Get Advice from Customer Experiences

Getting advice from customer experiences on real estate will help you go a long way. When you listen to or read about the experiences of customers in the real estate business from review sites or any other medium, you’d be armed with the right information that you can use to start well, and do great in the business.

Real estate investment is not a joke. It is a business that requires a lot of commitment and dedication. However, you don’t have to get overwhelmed by the intricacies of the business as all you need to stay afloat is to be equipped with the right information from trusted sources, especially reviews, and you’d be on your way to doing great in the industry.

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5 Benefits of a Zero-turn Lawn Mower

In the past, the zero-turn lawn mower has begun flooding in the marketplace. This is why you will find that even in the local areas, there are mowers that are not only buying but are also using the zero turn lawn mowers instead of the other types of mowers. This is because the zero turn lawn mowers are better than the other mowers, and this makes the life of most of the mowers to be very easy. In case you have never used this type of mower before, it is tough for you to know the benefits that the mowers enjoy. However, it is essential if you got yourself a zero-turn lawn mower so that you can also find out its worth. The following are five benefits of using zero-turn lawn mowers.

The mowers are maneuverable.

When you compare the zero turn lawn mowers to the other types of mowers, you will raise that these zero turn lawn mowers are more maneuverable. This is because these mowers have dual wheels, which can be easily controlled by the driver of the mower, thereby maneuvering with ease on the piece of land that they are mowing.

They save time when it comes to mowing.

Most of the people, especially the mowers, will think that the amount of time they will take to mow will be determined only by the size of land that they mow. However, there are other factors which include the type of mowers that you are using to mow. The zero turn mowers are designed in a way in which the driver can easily control the mower as they are mowing. As long as you have mastered how to operate this mower, the amount of time that you will take to complete the task will be less than when you use the other types of mowers.

Apart from the wheels, the mowers have very sharp blade tips, and hence they make single cuts that are very clean. The mower does not require to make several cuts at a time, and therefore less time is needed in mowing.

The zero turn lawn mowers require lower fuel levels.

The zero turn lawn mowers are efficient when it comes to mowing, and also it takes a shorter time to complete mowing when you are using this type of mower. For this reason, you will require fewer amounts of fuel to mow the piece of land that you are mowing. With the lower levels of fuels required in mowing, there are lower costs on fuel.

They are very cheap and easily accessible.

The mowers on the market are of different prices depending on the type of mower that you choose. This is why you will find that there are those mowers that are cheap while others are expensive. When it comes to zero turn lawn mowers, the prices are fair, and hence they are easily affordable. They are also accessible even in the local area, and therefore, any mower who wants to use the mower can buy them anytime they need them.

They are long-lasting.

One of the factors that make your mower to tear and wear very fast is using the mower for very long hours. The good thing with the zero turn lawn mowers is that they are fast enough, and hence it takes you a shorter time to complete mowing your land. This, therefore, makes the zero turn lawn mowers to last longer than the other mowers.

In case you are looking for the best mower, then the zero turn lawn mowers are the best.

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The Benefits of Investing in Luxury Real Estate in Barcelona

Do you want to invest in luxury properties in Spain? Here are the reasons why your choice should relate to the city of Barcelona. We also recommend opting for luxury flats which currently represent big opportunities. You will have the choice among all the luxury apartments Barcelona for sale that you will be able to rent out at an attractive price.

Now is the Best Time to Invest in Luxury Apartments in Barcelona

Because of the recent crisis, real estate prices fell more than 30% and luxury apartments Barcelona for sale are available at more than affordable costs. So, now is the time to invest in luxury real estate as prices begin to rebound slowly on the rise. You can buy luxury flat Barcelona and be sure to achieve the most interesting return on investment. Why not beautiful luxury penthouse Barcelona with a superb view over the beach? You will not have any difficulty to rent or resell it at an advantageous cost.

You can buy luxury flat Barcelona for prices which are significantly lower than those you can find in other European cities for properties of the same type. In addition, since prices are starting to rise, you will undoubtedly gain significant added value over the next few years. So, you have all the reasons to consult your real estate agency and check some luxury apartments Barcelona for sale without any further delay. A luxury penthouse Barcelona can be an even more interesting investment.

Barcelona is the Best Place to Invest in Luxury Flats

Barcelona is the tourist capital of Spain and attracts millions of visitors each year. Investing in luxury tourist rentals in the city means obtaining a guarantee that your accommodation will be highly prized by foreign tourists looking for prestigious vacation spots. You can opt for luxury flats for sell in Barcelona to make the best of your investment. Once again, a luxury penthouse Barcelona is highly recommended.

Make sure to choose a bankable location for your luxury Barcelona apartment. The Gothic Quarter located in the old town is surely the best. Its historic center is the oldest core of the city. It is one of the nicest areas of Barcelona and also one of the most urban places in terms of prestigious properties. Thus, if you plan to buy luxury flat Barcelona, you can opt for this neighborhood. The Avenida Diagonal makes another great choice of location.

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Should I Use an Online Estate Agent?

Using an online estate agent when selling your home might be affordable, but can they be trusted with such a significant financial transaction? Here is some guidance.

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Money savings

High-street agents usually charge about 1.5% of the sale price achieved. By comparison, online agent packages typically range from £200 to £1,000. Some online agents will market your home for only £99 plus VAT.

Hybrid agents

Recently, basic online estate agents are offering an improved hybrid option. Hybrid online agents such as PurpleBricks also supply traditional high-street services, including viewings with a local property expert.

Valuing your home

Online agents employ nationwide call centres and have limited local knowledge, so house valuations often use online data. The right asking price, however, depends on neighbourhood information, and online experts may not know your specifics.

To overcome this drawback, get three nearby high-street agents to value your home for a price comparison.

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If you seek a home buyers survey Hertfordshire offers various options. If you’re considering a home buyers survey Hertfordshire based firms have local knowledge.

Which, explores online agents at

Benefits of an online estate agent

  • You can save hundreds or thousands of pounds in fees
  • Online agents are transparent about fees
  • Timings are at your convenience
  • Packages and prices are flexible

Drawbacks of an online estate agent

  • You usually pay up front
  • Online “local property experts” often don’t know your area in detail
  • Managing affairs, yourself can take longer than a high-street estate agent
  • You must be comfortable conducting viewings.

Are online estate agents trustworthy?

Recently, an Ipsos MORI Veracity index found that 70% of people don’t trust estate agents.

For reassurance, your agent should belong to one of two grievance bodies: the Property Redress Scheme or the Property Ombudsman.

Read reviews to get an idea of other peoples’ experiences.


Most online agents will keep you updated on viewings over the phone or on a tailored online site, but they don’t usually attend. Typically, you’ll have to conduct viewings yourself, although hybrid agents increasingly make this part of a standard package.

Closing the deal

Some online agents will take offers and negotiate prices, while others make this your responsibility. To avoid haggling, select an online agent who takes care of bargaining.

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Could This be an End to Gazumping?

A new addition to the world of conveyancing is the Home Reservation Agreement. These are to be trialled in early 2020 in the hope of ending gazumping and gazundering. What does these terms mean?

Gazumping is the practice of a seller accepting a verbal agreement of an offer on their property but then accepting a higher offer from a different buyer. It also covers a seller raising the asking price or demanding more money at the last minute.

Gazundering is the practice of a buyer offering a lower amount just before the exchange of contracts is due to take place.

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For anyone who has ever been gazumped or gazundered, it can be a stressful and upsetting time. Time, money and energy is wasted, with many potential buyers and sellers stuck in awkward predicaments, having lost money and finding themselves back at square one. The government has introduced Home Reservation Agreements in an attempt to prevent both buyers and sellers pulling out of a deal to purchase a property.

At present, no property transaction is 100% secure until the time that contracts are exchanged. A buyer is able to withdraw and a seller can change their mind if they don’t like the offer that’s on the table. This often leaves deals on a cliff edge, leaving it wide open for either gazumping or gazundering to occur.

A reservation agreement signals a commitment from both parties, essentially locking them into an agreement to buy or sell a property with money being held in a separate bank account owned by the conveyancers. Should either party change their mind, they will lose that money. For finding Conveyancing Solicitors London, a site like Sam Conveyancing can put you in touch with reliable Conveyancing Solicitors London.

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A similar system already exists in Scotland, where both parties are committed to a transaction when even just a verbal offer has been accepted. It’s clear that something needs to change in England’s current system, where a third of all property deals fail to succeed. These collapses are due to one side pulling out of the deal.

Companies constructing new build properties already insist on reservation agreements being made. A buyer must pay a deposit which they lose should they change their mind and pull out of the deal. The idea behind making the reservation agreement a practice across the board, is to put all property transactions on an equal footing. If the trial is a success, it will be implemented across the rest of the country in due course.

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Make a Fortune With Real Estate

Property consisting of land and the buildings, as well as with its natural resources such as minerals or water, crops, immovable assets of this nature and buildings or housing in general. The business of Real Estate is the profession of buying, selling, buildings or housing and renting land. Before going ahead, some important factors about estate should be kept in mind to do your job well.

Types of Real Estate

• Residential:

Containing either a single family or joint family, that is available for non-business purposes. There may be different types of housing tenure also, and the size of an apartment or house can be described in meters or square feet. But the area of “living space,” excluding the garage and other non-living spaces may differ in some countries.

• Real Estate Investment

This Investment is the thing that generates income or is otherwise intended for investment purposes. Investors own multiple pieces of real estate, which serves as a primary residence.

• Commercial:

It is a property that is used the design for business solely. For instance, commercial estate includes restaurants, offices, parks, malls, gas stations and convenience stores

• Industrial:

The property that is used for industrial work. But it covers a vast range of business types and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Industrial Real Estate includes single or double-storey buildings. Small industries have flexible interior space. Large industries include medium to large warehouses and factories that are designed to store goods or manufacture.

To become.

Fortunate real estate agent perth, need to be familiar with their locality, reasons to increase or decrease property prices. For instance, if a new airport or road is to be built this can increase the price of nearby houses. Equally, improvement of an area can enhance prices. The agent must be aware of recent sale prices or rental for comparable properties of the area.

To become estate agents or professionals, dealing with all residential, agricultural and commercial property. They should adhere to a code of conduct, which includes regulations about looking after their clients’ money.

If the deal complete, then estate agent may charge anything from 1% to 2%, and this is calculated on the sale price of the property.

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Indian Real Estate – A New Investment Haven

Indian real estate has always been an attractive investment option, even more so for non-resident Indians (NRI’s). The escalation of real estate prices has always been higher than in most other countries and the growth prospects in the long term is high. NRI’s world over are investing heavily in the real estate market, both for investment purposes as well as residential. Most NRI’s prefer to retire to their hometown in India, surrounding themselves with friends and relatives – primarily Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi NCR.

Most NRI’s are spread across the globe, but there is a huge concentration of them in the Gulf. The advantage that they have is that they earn in currencies that have traded strongly against the Indian National Rupee coupled with the fact that their earnings are not taxed off-sets a part of the house cost already. The Kerala Gulf diaspora in 2008, was numbered to be more than 2.5 million and this number has only gone up since. Most malayalees invest in residential real estate and they expect the best for the substantial amounts that they spend.

Developers in Trivandrum (capital of Kerala) have started capitalizing on these investments by building more apartment in Trivandrum. They have noticed a few trends that are fast becoming prevalent and driving demand. Most clients want luxury projects, which has seen a rise in luxury flats for sale in Trivandrum, Cochin and Kozhikode. Real estate developers are becoming very careful about the ideal size to pricing ratio. We have seen that these Developers in Trivandrum are always constructing apartment in Trivandrum for people of all classes. Townships arealso becoming a lot more prevalent, with customers demanding accessibility to all amenities and a better, more affluent lifestyle.

For most NRI’s who are retiring to Kerala, investment in one of the cities seem a good option. With a massive renovation in the infrastructure both civic and social, accessibility and connectivity to all basic necessities as well as a better quality of life is possible.

As is with all other investments, investors should be careful as to who they are investing with. Real estate developers who have been in the industry for several years or have been researched thoroughly are your best bet. Better discounts can be availed by pre-booking, several luxury flats for sale in Trivandrum which are ongoing are sought out by investors mainly because of their longstanding reputation as on-time builders, trustworthiness and quality.

There are also several avenues for real estate as a rental income source, once the primary residence is bought. However there are several laws and tax regulations with regard to rental income and double taxation. These need to be thoroughly examined, usually a good real estate developer should be able to throw light on the same.

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Slightly Surreal: Strange Trends in Real Estate

For most people, the word “house” conjures certain images found in childhood drawings. If you have a building with mostly right angles, a single front door, a few chest-high windows, and a chimney, you’ve probably got a prototypical home. However, real estate is a changing field, and people are seeking unique housing options that don’t quite fit inside the box.

Tiny Houses

By all definitions, tiny houses possess most of the features of their more spacious counterparts, just in a much more condensed way. A favorite in both rural and urban areas, tiny houses are as much a choice in dwelling as a statement of one’s principles. While there is no presently agreed-upon size restriction before a domicile is no longer “tiny,” 500 square meters is an accepted point in some circles. Got a few too many boxes of t-shirts weighing you down? Tired of walking such great lengths to get to the light-switch before bed? Trying to keep your real estate tax down to a minimum? A tiny house might be for you.

Passive Houses

Not entirely in another world from tiny houses, passive houses are for those trying to reduce their environmental impact. Less a set of aesthetic rules and more an internal set of standards to maximize energy efficiency, this enterprising style is making considerable in-roads in the real estate market. Originating in Germany in the late 1980s, the style has slowly found a niche amongst people with a penchant for all things “green.”

Staples of these energy-efficient dwellings are superinsulation, airtightness, advanced window technology, solar techniques, and many others. Passive houses incorporate the entire system of real estate, so even the landscaping is efficient. For example, trees that shade parts of the dwelling appropriately and wind-reducing hedges can be a part of the design.


Perhaps living in trees will never constitute a substantial amount of the real estate world, but there is no question that they are gaining popularity. From increasing prevalence as an airbnb destination to a full-time paradise for more intrepid souls, life in a treehouse offers a lot of simple perks, as well as some drawbacks. Clearly for the more adventurous, many treehouses are entirely off the grid, and many of them are not quite up to code. Even a cursory internet search will reveal numerous forums on the subject of whether or not certain dwellings are legally allowed to be inhabited. Treehouse owners have to contend with being mindful of protected trees, wildlife protection acts, and other tight restrictions. If all of the criteria are met, however, the resulting home is something of a nature-lover’s paradise.

These alternative designs and ideas scratch the surface of present trends in housing. While they aren’t likely to replace conventional homes any time soon, they might be an indication of where things are headed.

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How to Value a Freehold Property

There are no yardsticks to measure the value of a freehold property. This is because evaluating a freehold is not an accurate science. However, you can follow certain guidelines on what you need to take into consideration when valuing a freehold, which is produced by the advisory services that give free advice to leaseholders. You must also take these three factors into consideration:

1. The current value of the property

2. The annual ground rent

3. The number of years currently left on the lease

Also, evaluate the expected percentage increase in property value that results from extending the leases of different lengths, along with forecasted long term interest rates and inflation rates.

Take help from an expert valuer rather than trying to work out a figure all by yourself, to present before the freeholder. An expert valuer will be able to give you the best advice, which will enable you to make a practical offer.

You will find expert valuers online. They will help you with the entire process of negotiation and buying the freehold.

For the benefit of the freehold, most surveyors add a little extra to a property’s value. This is done after comparing it with similar property with the same number of years on the lease but no freehold.

First, approach your freeholder informally, before you serve him with a first notice. This document should include your preliminary offer for the freehold, which starts off the legal process of buying it.

A word of caution. Never produce an initial notice without obtaining an expert valuation. If you make the wrong evaluation in the initial notice you won’t be able to take back the offer. After the initial notice, wait for the freeholder to reply to it with a counter notice by a date that you have given. The freeholder must be sanctioned at least two months from the date the initial notice is served.

If the freeholder is not sending his counter notice within this period, the leaseholders can take matters into their hands. They can apply for a vesting order at a court. It is now up to the court to move the freehold to the leaseholders. So freeholder’s should respond on time to the initial notice for their own benefit.

Buying a share of freehold will make little profit if you already have had a decent length lease. You would still have to give the same authorized costs as someone with a short hire, but would lead to a drop in the value of the property.

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Your Big Why and Planning the Future

A while back at an event I got the opportunity to sit across from a couple of brand new investors. As I usually do, I asked them what they were investing in; they admitted that they were newbies and weren’t really sure where to begin. We discussed their level of knowledge and expertise, and I found the conversation drifting away from real estate and more into the lifestyle design arenas. I started asking them about their “Big Why” – why were they wanting to leave their corporate jobs, what they wanted to do with their time, and what would make them happy.

We started putting a dollar value to that lifestyle and level of comfort. I saw their eyes get a bit wide as the reality of what they were up against hit them. I quickly reassured them that real estate was a great choice to attain the lifestyle they envisioned if they were willing to work hard and put in the hours, but how? We didn’t get into too much detail on the spot, but we talked about breaking those big goals down into time frames and smaller milestones. We discussed assigning how many and what type of deals could get them to those milestones, as well as what were they comfortable doing and how their personalities would help them to achieve their goal. They made notes on what types of marketing and how many offers they would have to make each month, week, and day in order to acquire the number of properties to hit their goals.

We then went back to their “Big Why” and discussed if it was really big enough. By that, I meant to talk to them about whether their choice to pursue real estate would be big enough to get them up and out of bed every day? Big enough to push them to tackle that daily task list? Big enough to hit those smaller goals knowing that as each milestone is hit that they are that much closer to the lifestyle and freedom they want? They made some more notes, and I think they had some talking points to consider as they pursue their real estate vision.

So what is your “Big Why”? Why are you a real estate investor? Is it big enough to get you out of bed each morning with a smile on your face, ready to face the day? Is it big enough to motivate you after 3 months of busting your butt without finding the right deal? This isn’t something you can come up with overnight if you haven’t spent any time on it already, so let your mind wander. Dream big! Dream really big and write it down. Look at it every day and see yourself living that lifestyle. Then break down how you will get there. Get really specific, all the way down to daily tasks. Now you’ve put goals and milestones on paper and you have created a map showing you how to get to that big dream and lifestyle you desire.

To be honest, this isn’t easy. The dreaming part of this puzzle may be easier than identifying the “Why”, especially when you analyze and determine if your “Why” is a solid vision to which you can remain dedicated. Nevertheless, I promise, if you work hard to identify the “Why”, develop your vision, and stay focused, you will be set up to achieve the vision you set for yourself.

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