Strategic Places To Position Your House Plants

Plants add so much life inside a room. First of all, they purify the air, and secondly, they up the style of any surface. But many times, people are stuck with the same old locations to place them. Might you want to change that since we have a few suggestions that you could put your plant stands or the pots as they are? Read on to find out more.

The bookshelf

The bookshelf is the first place you can place your little beauties, and they will love it there. The best kinds of plants are the ones with cascading leaves, moreso if the shelf is high up. The frame could be a standalone or the one pinned to the wall; regardless, a plant will look amazing there.

The centerpiece on the dining table

Secondly, you can place your succulent or flowering plant as the centerpiece of the dining table, where you will view it every time you enjoy a meal. Most people like to position a bowl of fruits, but now you know that even a flower pot will look fantastic too. So try it and see how it will turn out.

On your study table

Study tables are mostly filled with books and papers, so why not break that monotony and add a plant? A cactus or a crop that requires little maintenance can be the perfect study table addition. The reason you need a low-maintenance plant is that if you are often watering it, the water and mud might find their way on your tabletop, tainting or staining your books and papers.

Your bedside stand

Take away all the electronics in your room and replace the space left with a flowering plant. Let that beautiful sight be the first thing you look at in the morning and the last when you put your head to rest. Sure, you may place it besides the alarm clock or night light. It is a great way to keep the laptop or tablet out of the bedroom since you have no space to place them.

plant stands

Hang them over your living space

Did you know that you can also set up a simple set-up and hang your plants from the ceiling, and they will look stunning? Well, you can, and so, why shouldn’t you give it a try! What you do is get a foreperson to install the hooks where you will strategically place the hanging pots and have the plants beautify your space. You can have them in the kitchen or the dining room, and if you are daring, the hallway.

The sides of the hallway

If your household has a long hallway, you can also place your plants here. They will make a beautiful pathway to grace you into any room. This, however, will only work for households without kids since toddlers can get a bit messy with soil and ruin the plants.

Take away

The same way you looked for the best living quarters to live in, offer your plants the same and get them a fantastic abode from the suggestions given above.

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